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Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Well: no good a Grammer: but it's post

Awww, well it’s been a long month. I have started a new job role at Walmart. This one will be the biggest growing opportunity I have had to date. I have noticed on a Monday’s, I ask myself “why did you change jobs???” then come Wednesday I feel the rhythm of work flow and confidence which makes it enjoyable. Every day I am leaning things about work and life, including God. The last few years I had been stuck in a bit of a rut when it came to my spiritual life, I have had a few bursts here and there but nothing that has determined consistency. Last summer I took a class at Harding University in fulfillment of my Degree. During this time the Central Teen’s were there for Uplift. Shannon Cooper, the Youth Director, allowed me to join in on their evening devotionals. This was the first time since we left Little Rock that I felt like a contributor to God’s work. This time was such a blessing to me an my relationship with God. I know this sounds weird but it was good, so much that I will be joining them again in a few weeks. Bentonville Church of Christ: After being at this church a few years, we are finally getting involved. It is such a drive within me to work and do things that make a different for the church community. There has defiantly been a reassurance of energy for Ministry. I find myself with what Lee Henson of Camp Caudle notes, the BUG. I assume many people have the ability to separate Church, work and family life into different buckets and fully function. I can tell you that this is very difficult for me. I’m finding it very difficult to think about work and other things when you have been bitten by the BUG. We have been in prayer, not consent prayer, about our direction as to where we are to move in this ministry aspect. Let me back up for a second. While in college, I was very involved at our church(s), Acappella, New Covenant and the Firemen, that I didn’t really focus much on school till I got in trouble. Dr. Edward Myers pulled me aside and told me the following: “Mark, you are talented in many different areas and you will do very well any anything you choose. But you are not good at them when you are trying to do so many of them. You have the personality that only allows you to do one thing really well at a time.” At the time I thought he was just being a jerk and telling me not to do the ministry stuff I wanted to do. But after a few years there was a realization that he was correct. So, when I moved to NW Arkansas to work for Walmart, I told myself I was going to focus on my Work and Sandi. The church approached me several times with helping on ministry items and I politely refused. Hindsight this was correct approach for us at the time. But ever since last summer, I have cared less about my Job and more about my family and church work. The little talk I had with Dr. Myers is ringing very true, and really need to figure out how to separate the two and be beneficial at all three: Family, Church and Work. I guess that is my true prayer. Speaking of Family: We are doing great; the two older girls have bunk beds now, which make them very excited. Addison is 4 years old now, Avery turns 3 on Friday and Ava is sitting at 18 months old. Each of these girls has their own personalities and I love every single one of them. Ava has a very “Dry” personality then randomly bursts out in facial and physical expressions, Avery is maturing faster than I expected, she has always been the active loving one. She is now calming down and wanting to do more on her own. Addison is smart as ever, she is asking intelligent questions about clouds, people and God. What I can say about is Sandi is that I look at her everyday and think how lucky I am to have a beautiful wife. She is a great example of a mother, Christian partner and friend. I find myself extremely lucky.


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